OpenBangla Keyboard

An open source, Unicode compliant, Bangla input method for GNU/Linux systems. It’s a full-fledged Bangla input method with many famous typing methods and typing automation tools.

The last Bangla writing solution you'll ever need!

OpenBangla Keyboard comes with the popular Avro Phonetic which is the de-facto phonetic transliteration method for writing Bangla. It also includes multiple fixed keyboard layouts such as Probhat, Munir Optima, National (Jatiya) etc. which are very popular amongst the professional writers.


Built with performance in mind.

Dictionary based suggestion

Can predict and suggest phonetically similar words with correct spelling on the fly.

Auto Correct

Brings commonly used English words to Bangla (like, Facebook, download etc.) even with their original English spelling and fixes numerous commonly mistyped words. It's also editable by the user!

Your preference

Automatically saves your selected candidate from the suggestions list and will select it automatically on the next time.

Layout Viewer

See the actual image of the current keyboard layout anytime you need. Now there is no need to print or draw a keyboard layout and attach it on your computer table!

Fully Customizable

It'll never get in your way!


Avro Phonetic

Support for preview window to see suggestions with dictionary assistance. Type with confidence. The suggestion list also includes the written English word, which is very helpful when you just need it!

Get suggestions when writing with Probhat and others

Get suggestions with dictionary assistance even when writing with Fixed Keyboard methods such as Probhat, Jatiya and others which was never possible before!


Write Kar as you like

Use Traditional Kar Joining feature of Fixed Layouts and see beautiful literary kar ligatures in your writing.

Configuration always at your hand

Comes with a configuration tool which is very handy and easy to use!


A picture is worth a thousand words


Stay Updated!


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বিশেষ বিজ্ঞপ্তি!

ওপেনবাংলা কিবোর্ড ২.০.০ সংস্করণ প্রকাশের মধ্য দিয়ে আমরা Bintray এর মাধ্যমে বিভিন্ন লিনাক্স ডিস্ট্রিবিউশনের জন্য প্যাকেজ বিতরণ করা শুরু করি। তবে পহেলা মে থেকে Bintray তাদের পরিষেবা গুটিয়ে নিচ্ছে।

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ওপেনবাংলা কিবোর্ড ২.০.০ - প্রকাশিত!

প্রায় ২ বছর পর আপনাদের কাছে ওপেনবাংলা কিবোর্ডের ২.০.০ সংস্করণ এনে দিতে পেরে আমরা খুবই আনন্দিত। তবে আগেই বলে দিতে চাই, এযাবতকালে ওপেনবাংলা কিবোর্ডের অন্যতম বড় রিলিজ হতে চলেছে এটি!

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