OpenBangla Keyboard

An Open Source Bengali input method

OpenBangla Keyboard

An Open Source Bengali input method

OpenBangla Keyboard is an OpenSource Bengali input method for GNU/Linux systems. It’s flexible, gorgeous, feature rich, totally customizable, user friendly and already has a lot of typing automation tools that you have never imagined!

One of the major feature of OpenBangla Keyboard is it mimics the award winning Avro Keyboard. So the users of Avro Keyboard will feel at home even on Linux!

  • Fully Unicode Compliant
  • Efficient & Customizable
  • Phonetic, Touch based Typing

The aim of this project is to add all popular Bengali typing methods from Bangladesh and India in a single interface. We want to make desktop publishing in Bengali more easier and convenient. We want to boost the use of Bengali in computers. Currently we have English to Bangla Typing or Phonetic typing for home users and for professionals we have Traditional Keyboard Layout or Fixed typing method.

To install OpenBangla Keyboard, run the following in your terminal:

bash -c "$(wget -q -O -)"

Or visit manual install instructions.


Phonetic Typing

English to Bangla: OpenBangla Keyboard comes with Avro Phonetic. So like in Avro Keyboard, you can write ami banglay gan gai and it will convert to আমি বাংলায় গান গাই

Floating Preview window: See on the fly how your English text is converting to Bangla!

Dictionary Support: This English to Bangla phonetic typing method supports Dictionary with near about 150000 Bangla words and auto-correct feature.

Touch Typing

Multiple Keyboard Layout Support: With OpenBangla Keyboard, you can choose your favourite layout at any time in Layout menu like you done in Avro Keyboard. Currently we package these layouts with OpenBangla Keyboard:

  • Probhat
  • Munir Optima
  • Avro Easy - An easy to learn keyboard layout from OmicronLab.
  • Bornona - The easiest Bangla keyboard layout we have found yet! From “The Safeworks”.
  • National (Jatiya) - Standard Bangla Keyboard Layout in Bangladesh designed by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

Automatic Vowel Forming: Unleash your typing speed with this great algorithm. In a good number of cases, simply typing the kar/matra/short form of vowel will produce the full form of vowel automatically, there is no need to type the Link key. This Automatic Vowel Forming can also be kept disabled from the Settings menu.

Old Style “Reph”: Although in phonetic typing method Reph is typed at the beginning of a consonant, this may be seemed peculiar to the users (and it happened!). Like Avro Keyboard, OpenBangla Keyboard now uses the “auto Reph” feature, which will automatically move the Reph at the beginning of a consonant/“juktakkhor” (conjunct) when you type it at the end. This Old Style Reph can also be kept disabled from the Settings menu.

Traditional Kar Joining: There are two forms of Kar joining. One is রু which is frequently used, but there is an another form র‌ু which is used in books. With this option user can write in this form of Kar joining. This option can be enabled from the Settings menu.

Avro Keyboard Layout Support: OpenBangla Keyboard supports the layouts file that are from Avro Keyboard. So you can use those layouts you have created with Avro Keyboard tools!

Assamese Language Support: You can also type Assamese using all these keyboard layouts as necessary Assamese characters are placed here.

Layout Viewer

This is a must have feature for any virtual keyboard interface like OpenBangla Keyboard. But all including Microsoft seem to overlook it. With this handy tool, users can see the actual image of the current keyboard layout anytime they need. Now there is no need to print or draw a keyboard layout and attach it on your computer table!